Saturday, July 9, 2016

Old Photos of My Family, Me and My Ancestors - Do You Have Old Photos from Your Family?

Me 19 years old in Italy

My father 1980

My Mom when she was 16

My sisters 1980s

My older sister, me and dad

Ancestors, 1800s

Me, age 2

My parents in their 20's

Me, my sister, dad 1979 in Spain

Me 2002

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bastille Day Fireworks - Chambery, France

In a few days it will be Bastille Day in France. This is a short video of some fireworks I took from my balcony in Chambery, France a few years ago. Happy Bastille Day.

See the French Alps for yourself:

Le Retour des Alpages Festival Annecy, France

This festival celebrates the escorting of the pasture animals from the mountains to the valleys for the winter. It features a parade of the animals through the streets of Annecy, a gorgeous town in the French Alps.
Come visit Annecy yourself with us on our tours. The guides and owner of the tour company LIVE in the French Alps so you'll experience it like a local.