Friday, April 17, 2020

Chambery, France EGuidebook: Gem of the French Alps

 Chambery, France Eguidebook: Chambery - the Gem of the French Alps

Written by me, this is the only Chambery Guidebook in English in existence (that I'm aware of). You can buy it for only $2.99 here:

Chambery is in the middle of the French Alps and is the capital of Savoie (Savoy for you English speakers). It's a pretty town, although admittedly, a little too quiet for my taste after 26 years of living in Los Angeles. But it is a lovely city with lots of charm and history. For instance, it was the home of the Shroud of Turin for many years. I bet you didn't know that!

Here are some photos of this pretty town. By the way, the ceiling of this church is actually Trompe L'oeil painting. It looks like the real thing but it isn't. Chambery is the home of the largest collection of Trompe L'oeil painting in Europe. You can find it all over the streets too. A little know fact about Chambery is that it held the Shroud of Turin for 70 years during its history. Read about it in my ebook.

Friday, April 10, 2020

My Ebook for Sale - The Expatriate's Roadmap to Successfully Moving Overseas

My Ebook - The Expatriate's Roadmap to Successfully Moving Overseas

To learn more about the expat life, how to successfully move overseas, and what you need to know about living abroad read my book, The Expatriate's Roadmap to Successfully Moving Overseas. You can buy it for only $4.99 on Amazon.  Great reviews.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Need Stock Footage for your Website, Blog, Vlog, Article, B-Roll Project? Find it here!

If you need stock footage for your online project - blog, website, magazine, movie, article, etc. - here's where you can find mine at affordable prices.

Here are some examples of my stock footage. I specialize in European countries and festivals:

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