Thursday, February 11, 2010

Autumn and Winter Vineyards of the French Alps: The Beauty of France

During every season of the year, we take walks in the vineyards near our home. These are a few photos from those walks.
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  1. For me these pictures are of exotic places I dream of visiting...for you, home! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. ;)

  2. Hi, Lisa, thanks for your comments on my blog and for being a fan. Yes, it is very beautiful and Im lucky in that regard, but so you don't envy me too much, it can be very challenging, difficult and lonely to be an expat (especially if you don't live in a big city where there are other expats and your language skills stink). If you speak the language, make friends, and don't have to make a living, then the life here can be very good. Cynthia