Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lisbon, Portugal - Photos of this Glorious but Faded Beauty

We had the good fortune of visiting Lisbon, Portugal in March. It was a dream of Bernard's so I went along and was glad I did. The people are warm and friendly, the city a faded glory, the tiles exquisite, and the food and liquors quite good. The only negative was that I was pickpocketed on the tram. They took my wallet but unbelievably the police emailed me the night before we left that the wallet had been found and the only thing missing was the money. My documents (which gave me the right to live in France as well as my drivers license, etc) were still in the wallet. I was VERY lucky. So if you plan a trip to Lisbon, be sure to keep your wallet in the front of you and hold it tight when in crowds or public transportation.

This post begins a series of photos of Lisbon and the neighboring towns of Sintra and Belem.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Look forward to the rest of them. Portugal is a still a beautiful city, I see. I was there in 1997 and LOVED it along with the people, food and language. I could speak with them so that made it even richer. Great job Bernard and Cynthia

  2. My favorite Portugal photos come in later posts. Lisbon is a lovely city, albeit a bit faded but in a good way (not so 'made up' and sterile for tourists - this is a city real people live in). Thanks for commenting. Cynthia and Bernard