Friday, December 30, 2011

Sand Sculpting World Championship, Fort Myers, Florida

As you know, we've spent a few months in Florida this year in a home I bought during the housing market crash here in Southwest Florida (I paid $28K for it and it's nice!). We took full advantage of the wonderful things to do in Florida and the amazing winter weather. Fort Myers is my hometown and my family still all lives there so it's been nice to be able to spend time with them after 30 years of living thousands of miles away.  One of the festivals we attended was the World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition that took place in November. It's the first time the world championship was in Fort Myers and they chose it because it's one of the few beaches in the world that has the 'correct' sand for sculpting. Next week there will be more photos of the sculptures too.

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  2. Nice sculptures made through sand. I wonder how many people are required to do that beautiful sculpture.

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