Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cluny Abbey, Burgundy, France

Continuing our journey in Burgundy, here are some photos of what's left of the Cluny Abbey which was the largest Abbey of its time in the world. It was mostly dismantled during the French Revolution and only one chapel still stands.
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What's left of the Cathdral Pillars


  1. I was born in Burgundy but have never been to Cluny. You guys are traveling a lot (for our pleasure).

  2. Hi,Nadege,thanks for your comment. You were born in a wonderful part of France. It seems like we travel a lot but this just represents 7 days out of a year - we just take a lot of video and photos. The next time you're back to your home country, you should try to visit Cluny. Also we went to Guedelon Castle (they are building a Medieval castle with 600 year old technology and materials) and Vezalay too (in upcoming photos and videos on Both places were very interesting. Have you been? Cynthia

  3. My sisters visited Vezelay but I haven't. So many places to see. i am not sure when I am going back
    to France. Maybe soon, maybe next year.