Friday, August 15, 2014

Leonardo Da Vinci Creations in the Clos Lucey Museum/Chateau, Amboise (Loire Valley), France - Part 2

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                                       The archimedean screw

 Creations models
Warfare Tank

The first car

                                                    Squirrel cage (crane)


  1. I will have to visit this chateau someday. Those creations are really intriguing.

  2. Hi, Nadege, We really enjoyed the Lucey Chateau and gardens. The gardens had all his creations which was an added benefit. The Chateau is really just a pretty house and unfortunately Leonardo's bedroom and the upstairs were closed due to renovation. They were supposed to open again in early May (we were there late April). All of the Loire Valley was interesting and the history so rich - lovely Castles. I do hope you get back there soon. By the way, given my time restraints, my husband has taken over this blog since they are almost all his photos anyway. I go back and forth between France and Florida - my French Alps & Provence Tours are picking up (summer) and I'm launching Culinary Tours in SW Florida in November so that's keeping me very busy. I hope you are well.