Friday, December 4, 2015

Fete des Lumieres - Festival of Lights in Lyon France

Every year Lyon holds a 4 day festival of lights during the days preceding and following December 8th.   It has grown into an international competition of light engineers and artists who produce the most astonishing light shows which are projected onto the buildings of Lyon in the evenings. I've attended it three times. Here are some photos of past festivals.

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  1. My city, Lyon, I miss her so much. I remember when I was a child and we went through the streets to watch the lighting of the houses, it was magical for me... and it still is, but I'm so far now (California). I still put candles on my windows on December 8. I always will.

  2. Yes, it is beautiful. It's a shame they've decided to cancel it this year. Not only will the lights be missed, but the tourism euros will be sorely missed as well.